How do I get more engagement from my Facebook posts? It´s the question on every marketer´s lips.

This led TrackMaven to embark on a mission. Its latest study I came across, titled: “The Marketing Maven´s Guide to Facebook”, tries to give a reasonable explanation. Since numbers matter when it comes to the internet, TrackMaven studied exactly 5,804 pages and 1,578,006 posts. The outcome bore the conclusion that more engagement was found at unexpected times of the day and week.

Naturally, brands are usually most active on Facebook from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. However, this did not always prove to be the most effective time to post. It was the afterhours, 5 pm and 1am, that saw engagement rise; the numbers came to 2.49 interactions per post, versus 2.24 during working hours. Also, while the frequency of posts is lower during the weekend, the average engagement is much higher. On Sunday it was 2.72 per post, and Monday to Friday it was 2.27.

Lastly, Sabel Harris, director of marketing at TrackMaven, says that engagement is not the only problem – one year since they were introduced to Facebook, hashtags are not getting the expected attention either. He adds that even though 83.9% of posts do not contain hashtags, if they did this would lead to an increase in engagement. Also, this should come as no surprise, but photo posts saw 2.35 interactions per post, versus just 1.71 for those without photos.

How are you using Facebook to engage your audience?

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Image: Twin Design