Social media is an effective and inexpensive marketing tool that can help golf clubs reach larger audiences. Embracing social networks is strongly recommended, the Scottish Golf Union (SGU) said in a recent presentation it delivered at a Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) seminar.

Golf brands and clubs can benefit a lot from social media. Networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have helped to transform the public opinion of golf and have helped the sport become much more accessible to the public. They have also changed its image by establishing a new tone of voice – one that is modern, friendlier and more welcoming, the SGU said.

However, brands should carefully consider their online strategy before starting. One of the most important aspects of social marketing is knowing the audience so that marketing messages can meet their needs. Golf clubs should determine if they want to target an adult audience, junior audience, visitors or local communities.

Arguably the most important thing that brands need to think of is the actual content they are going to post. It is essential that the content is a mix of news, photographs, competition results, special offers, video tutorials, weather reports, etc. By offering interesting and fresh content, golf brands can become the preferred source of information related to the sport for the users of such sites.

The SGU recommended that golf clubs post new content regularly and consistently but without spamming users. Since the best thing about social media is the fact that it is social, brands could follow other golf clubs and brands for inspiration, fresh ideas and co-operation, the presentation suggested.