(M2 Bespoke News) – As the new version of Panda is expected to launch any time now, fears for small businesses organic searches are rising. However, there are ways to counteract Panda updates and to keep businesses´ SEO strategy a success.

One of the key factors that determine SEO position is traffic. Generally speaking, only around 40% of the referred traffic to a site should come from Google as relying on it too much can make it hard to recover after a Google penalty. So experts advise that traffic is diversified and a larger volume of paid search over organic search is considered.

Paid search has several advantages over organic search. It is only the products and content that a brand wishes to be seen that are exposed. Paid search allows more control over campaigns and over audience and a more streamlined campaign would eventually prove cost-effective, as it would bring more ROI.

Investing time and money in establishing communities is another way to minimise the impact of Google Panda on a site´s performance in search engines. Social media is a possible source of SEO links, but typically, these are only short-lived and therefore, unreliable.

Finally, usability problems should be addressed as soon as possible. This will allow webmasters to focus on developing factors which can increase the business impact and are within their control, instead of leaving them worried about usability as a ranking signal on organic search traffic.