(M2 Bespoke News) – A new survey from B2B marketing software provider Pardot revealed that Twitter is the most popular social network among businesses, but LinkedIn is the one that provides the biggest ROI.

The survey pointed out that over 90% of the polled companies use Twitter, followed by LinkedIn – used by eight in ten respondents. However, when it comes to generating leads, LinkedIn came in as the undisputed champion, with 32%. In comparison, Twitter activities get just half the leads – 15%.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the largest social site, Facebook, does not enjoy great success among B2B companies. Although just under 80% of them support a brand page on Facebook, only 12% of them think that it is the most effective media for generating leads.

The survey also suggests that nearly one in three firms are not measuring the effect their social media efforts have on their business, due to lack of knowledge or resources.

When asked about their view on B2B etiquette, almost half of the marketers think it is not appropriate to contact a prospect generated from social media on the phone or e-mail, unless the prospect has specifically agreed to that. Similarly, 52% do not consider it right to respond via social network to a prospect, who has first contacted them on the phone or e-mail.

The vast majority of marketers (70%) believe it is wrong to express opinion about a competitor on social sites, whereas a similar percentage claim that it is acceptable to invite a prospect to join the company´s social markets.