(M2 Bespoke News) – The largest social network Facebook is facing legal action from the EU, as the European Commission (EC) is considering ways to stop the “eavesdropping” on users.

According to the EC, Facebook tracks users´ information and provides it to advertisers, thus breaching laws. Starting from January 2012, a new EC Directive will ban bespoke advertising, unless users allow it themselves. In case the new legislation is passed, every time Facebook does not comply, it would face substantial fines and serious legal action.

Facebook keeps record of even tiniest details on users´ likes, political opinions, sexuality, religious beliefs and whereabouts. It tracks every “Like” or “Dislike”, every comment made, every message sent and every URL posted, even after they are deleted.

The social network claims that it does not use this information. However, the question remains how advertisers can create tailored ads for specific users if they do not have access to such data.

The Directive will enhance European laws for data protection and will make sure that it is consistent across all EU member states, Viviane Reding, vice president of the EC, explained. She urged social media sites to provide information to users on what data is collected and what it is used for.

The EU data protection party, including the UK Information Commissioner, are gathering next week to discuss possible actions against Facebook. An audit of the social network site´s international headquarters in Ireland is also an option.