(M2 Bespoke News) – Google is considering starting to penalising sites containing too many advertisements, as this makes it difficult for users to find the content they are in fact looking for. The announcement was made at the search and social media conference PubCon by Matt Cutts, who is in charge of Google´s spam team.

Recently, the search engine modified its search algorithm, using data from its regular Panda updates. The company examined the reasons why several websites were penalised by Panda and they speculated that due to too much branding content above the fold, the sites were regarded as spam.

Cutts invited all site owners who believe they have been wrongly penalised to contact Google´s spam team and added that all cases would be re-examined.

Talking about the future of SEO, Cutts expressed conviction that it will only get better and more sophisticated, as searchs are bound to become more personalised and Google will always be aiming at delivering the most relevant and most recent results to consumers. Cutts objected to claims from US entrepreneur and technology broadcaster Leo Laporte´s predictions that SEO will not be around in six months by saying that even if search engines lost their importance, SEO will continue to exist thanks to social networking.