(M2 Bespoke News) – The job of web developers is crucial for a company and very often brand owners are not willing to interfere with their work. The searchenginewatch.com website takes on this responsibility and reminds developers of several site features that can be useful for search engine optimisation (SEO) but are sometimes overlooked.

For example, Analytics (Google or other) is a very important feature. This tool is essential not just for measuring results but also for gaining better understanding of how a site is found and used. It can also bring useful historical data for the site, which may come in handy at the start of a marketing campaign.

Another feature that can help boost traffic is semantic URL, one that contains useful information about a page rather than one consisting of what appears to be random numbers and letters. Although semantic URLs are more difficult to create, they are a huge factor for SEO, due to the presence of keywords in them.

Just as important is having control over indexation. A big site is almost never indexed by Google as a whole. Although a site owner cannot tell Google which pages of the site they want indexed, they can certainly define which should not be indexed by putting a meta tag in the head of the page. Opting for a strategy where pages are not automatically indexed is another possible way to go, for example if they accumulate low traffic anyway.

According to searchenginewatch.com, these SEO steps are the basis of good performance and brand owners should make sure that their developers are implementing them all in the right way.