B2B business credibility

Have you been paying attention to all aspects of your website’s content?

According to a recent report I came across by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), trust in website content played an important role in encouraging B2B purchase. This is not unexpected news for content marketers – we’re all fully aware of the ways in which content can positively influence purchase decisions. However, what did come as a surprise to the authors of the research was the fact that two types of website content mattered the most when it came to trust: contact information and the “About” section.

In fact, CMI’s 2014 B2B Web Usability Report showed that lack of these two types of content was so frustrating to potential buyers that they would often leave the website and make no further effort to get in touch with the company in question. Of those who said that lack of contact information would make them abandon the site, 55% explained the reason was because they found the company not credible enough, while 37% stated lack of phone number or e-mail to be a “waste of their time”.

On the other hand, if buyers were pleased with these two aspects of content, they were more likely to find the business trustworthy and credible, with 52% of respondents stating that ‘About’ information and contact information was “key to establishing a vendor’s credibility”.

When asked about what channel of communication they preferred to use for getting in touch with businesses, 81% of B2B buyers cited e-mail, followed by phone, opted for by 58%. Although people aren’t likely to visit the head office of the company, listing its physical address was also seen as necessary when it comes to establishing trust, the CMI pointed out.

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