Gender in social media

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – right?

But have you ever thought about the way men and women differ in their habits and behaviour on social media? An Infographic I came across by personal finance website Finances Online reveals gender differences when it comes to using social sites.

Overall, it seems that gender plays a part in three areas: personal and professional relationships, the need for information and consumer behaviour. On a general note, male users tend to be interested in business and dating, while women are more likely to use social sites for keeping in touch with friends and family, for sharing and entertainment and for self-help. Women emerged as dominating social sites in sharing with many people at once, seeing videos and pictures, seeing funny posts, finding ways to help others and seeking support from their network.

When it comes to their reaction to paid ads on social sites, men are more likely to engage than women. According to Finances Online, this can be explained by the fact that women are more cautious about their social circle and see ads as “intrusive strangers”. However, women are more likely to ‘like’ a brand in exchange for deals. While almost three-quarters of the fair sex are willing to do so, only 18% of men share the same opinion.

Meanwhile, women are also inclined to engage in activities on their smartphones more than men, including Internet browsing, downloading apps, playing games, messaging and texting.

Quite often we think about the location, age and profession of consumers, but it seems that gender also plays a big part in how people react to your content. Have you thought about your target audience in terms of sex?