Following brands on twitter

Are you a brand follower on Twitter?

Apparently, UK users on Twitter are interested in following brands, as long as they’re engaging, entertaining and can offer value. These are some of the main findings from a new poll I came across by research and consultancy firm Nielsen, which revealed that almost three in five Twitter users in the UK follow brands.

What’s more, the majority of users following brands say they’re willing to hear more from them. This willingness to engage with brands creates a vast business opportunity for brands, Nielsen noted.

While some of the most common reasons for following a brand include looking for sales and special offers, perhaps surprisingly, the most commonly cited reason is simply liking the brand, quoted by 55% of users. Receiving information about promotions ranks second, at 52%, whereas 51% of users like to keep in touch to find out about the latest brand news. Interestingly, just 38% of Twitter users are current customers to the brands they follow, the survey revealed. Other reasons cited by respondents include finding out about new products and services (44%), taking part in competitions (38%) and following the interesting or entertaining content brands tweet (34%). Meanwhile, one in three users say they follow brands to get freebies.

When compared to other European countries, the UK ranks close to the average in terms of brand following. The highest proportion of Twitter users that engage with brands is found in Spain (67%), while in France the figure stands at 47%, Nielsen also found.

How does your brand use Twitter? As the survey shows, interesting content features high on the list of requirements when people decide to follow a brand. You probably know the importance of fresh, engaging, unique content, but many businesses simply don’t have enough hours in the day to produce it themselves. M2 Bespoke are content generation experts and the tailored content we supply you with is yours to use as you wish; why not link it to your social media sites like Twitter to attract new followers and keep existing followers loyal?