It may seem obvious to most marketers that SEO and content marketing go hand in hand. But making content work to improve search engine ranking can be tricky in practice. I read some interesting study results from Econsultancy at the weekend; according to their latest State of Search Marketing Report, almost half of marketers say these two areas are highly integrated in their marketing strategy – more than any other digital marketing disciplines. For those of you who still haven´t figured out how to do it, here are some tips:

1. Put quality over quantity. While thin content written specifically to “appeal” to Google crawlers worked just fine years ago, it´s simply not good enough these days. So forget about SEO in isolation and focus on high-quality, unique and useful content. While the volume of output also matters, it should always come second to quality.

2. Be original. Originality will not only set yourself apart from competitors by appealing to consumers and engaging them, but will also benefit your ranking; we all know that Google does not tolerate duplicate content.

3. Do some keyword research. Think about what you want to be known for before posting a piece of content. For instance, Econsultancy claims it likes to rank for terms that are linked to the site´s paid research – so a bit of preparation before writing and publishing is a good idea.

4. Use all tools available. There are various types of software and cloud-based solutions that can provide you with help in terms of analytics. Google Trends, for example, can help you choose the best wording. Checking which posts are popular and which result in most conversions could be of great help.

5. Include evergreen content. Essentially, it´s the best content marketing strategy, because it´s a long-term investment. It stays relevant over time and can still generate leads and traffic long after it was written.

So, you´ve figured out the recipe for successful content. But the question remains: who is going to write it? Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to produce regular content – let alone engaging, unique and quality-written content. That´s where we come in. M2 Bespoke are a dedicated team of content generation specialists and can help you with anything from blogs and news stories to evergreen and infographics – and everything in between. Sound appealing? Contact one of our friendly team today and we´ll talk you through the process.