Without giving yourself too much time to think, what sort of content do your customers want to be seeing? If you find yourself fumbling over an answer, your content marketing strategy might have gone askew somewhere.

Content needs to be consistent and varied – by that, I mean your content needs to be streaming into your customers´ news feeds at a frequent rate, but it can´t just be a case of saying the same thing ten times.

Content marketing strategy driven by customersYahoo´s head of solutions in the EMEA region, Patrick Albano, believes many brands are coming up short. “Brands need help with their content marketing strategies – there is no consistency in terms of the experiences currently available, and we want to help with that,” he told The Drum.

Albano was discussing the topic following the launch of Yahoo´s campaign to find brand partners for its next wave of Tumblr-based content marketing services. Yahoo, which purchased Tumblr for $1.1 billion last year, is trying to show the potential of the platform to marketers, in a bid to monetise the website.

The move will see Yahoo and Tumblr teams make themselves available to advertisers to help plan and execute branded content experiences across the platform, while also measuring campaign ROI.

Albano added that given the power of content, alongside the ever increasing number of platforms available to advertisers, brands need to figure out the “best way to communicate with people in all those different environments.”

Have you created a content marketing strategy aimed at exploiting this untapped potential Albano talks about? If so, have you got any advice for those brands looking to better engage customers through content?