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Whether you love or hate the Kardashian klan, there’s no mistaking the fact that those ladies carry some clout in the world of social. Sorry, that should probably have been ‘klout’. So, you could pretty much hear the sickening thump of Snapchat’s heart plummeting into its stomach when one of the most popular sisters and one of its previously avid users, Kylie Jenner, posted the tweet: “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.”

The very next day, Snap took a $1.3bn (£1bn) hit to its stock market value. Anyone doubting the very real power of influencers in this day and age had better sit up and pay attention.

Influencers – why you should care

Influencer marketing has become a highly effective method for brands to engage with and build audiences on social media. But if you’ve yet to take advantage, you might want to look at the cold, hard facts.

Last summer, Forbes published research revealing that 48% of consumers exposed to influencer content visited retailers highlighted in the content within four days, versus only 29% in the group not exposed to influencer content.

Then there’s the report by Content Marketing Institute stating that brand advocates are 70% more likely to be seen as a good source of information by people around them – a huge advantage in this time of fit-to-burst news feeds, search results and inboxes. If you’re looking to cut through the clutter, choosing the right influencer can be a huge help.

And if you need to hear a judgement straight from the horse’s mouth, an infographic by video production company One Productions claims that 94% of marketers who use influencer marketing find it an effective practice, with the method generating up to 11x the ROI of traditional advertising.

Suddenly, the potentiality that Kylie Jenner single-handedly dealt a severe blow to Snap with just one Tweet doesn’t seem so unlikely after all…

Choosing your influencer – the golden rule

The number one thing to bear in mind when choosing an influencer to work with is to find one who resonates with your target audience. Everything always comes back to what your audience wants in marketing, so identifying the people your audience listens to, engages with and turns to for quality, consistent content is crucial to getting the most out of your influencer marketing.

One way of determining whether your influencer has a genuine following is by judging on engagement rather than on sheer numbers. Are they getting the shares, likes, comments and retweets on their posts you’re hoping for? It won’t matter if they have a colossal following if they only generate a small percentage of likes or if their followers are fakes or gained by bots.

You might want to consider using a tool such as Social Audit Pro which can provide full follower analytics for Instagram accounts. Although this one is a paid tool, payments are one-time fees and not altogether unreasonable for the brand with a smaller budget. It will help you sift through the chaff to ensure you pair up with an authentic influencer who can make a real impact with your investment.

Audience comes first

Returning to Kylie Jenner and the suspected consequences of her one little tweet, it’s important to recognise that it isn’t just that the general public are taking Kylie’s words as gospel (although we’d bet that some of her 24.5m Twitter and 104m Instagram following do). Snap’s newest re-design has proved very unpopular with users over the last few weeks.

Reviews on both the App Store and Google Play are throwing some serious shade on the update but the biggest warning sign that Snap are truly barking up the wrong tree is the petition asking the company to kill the redesign – a whopping 1.2m signatures have already been accrued.

Snap’s response? To let people know that the changes will ‘adapt to you the more that you use it’.

When your audience is being this vocal about telling you what they want, brands need to listen. It’s content marketing 101, after all.

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