Social media advertising is developing fast, with various platforms introducing innovations literally everyday. LinkedIn is the latest social network that has rolled out new features in an effort to improve its advertising services.

Just a month after it allowed businesses to include video through its self-service platform, LinkedIn Ads, the social platform is now presenting its new ads API programme, which is intended mostly to simplify things for B2B users.

The new service will allow marketers to create multiple and bigger ad campaigns and will provide them with greater control over these ads. This may not just result in increased revenues for LinkedIn, but could also improve results for brands.

According to Jennifer Weedn, LinkedIn business strategist, the ads API has been developed in response to marketers´ demands and will give them the chance to customise and change their campaigns according to their individual needs. Brands can create more than one campaign at a time and test each of them before their launch. The API will facilitate planning and strategy for businesses, as it provides great flexibility of advertising. In addition, the campaign parameters can be changed in real-time, including spending, not just on LinkedIn, but also on other social platforms. The API also provides direct communication with LinkedIn´s product management team.

LinkedIn is not the first social platform to introduce its own ads API. Last year, Facebook launched its own tool, which was later integrated with iPhone and iPad operating systems, to allow better access for consumers on their mobile devices.