If you are in the SEO business, Google´s new AuthorRank algorithm is certainly something you are familiar with. It is becoming a key consideration in inbound marketing, as it is likely to affect your SEO no less than the Panda or Penguin algorithms did, the Search Engine Journal reports.

Basically, the AuthorRank algorithm is Google´s new way to show how trusted an author of unique and relevant content you are. Content written by trusted authors will then lead to better Google rankings than content by a less trustworthy author. This means two things for your brand – first, the company´s website or blog needs to provide high-quality content and second, expert authors who are responsible for the creation of this content need to be appointed and trained.

With the new algorithm, Google moves SEO to a whole new level. It is no longer just a matter of keywords and link building. What matters now is that content is of better use to people and that it comes from a trustworthy expert, with a transparent identity.

The quality of the content will not only result in better Google ranking but it will also attract more users, the Search Engine Journal claims. Over time, high-quality content will attract social followers who will be looking for more from the same authors and this will inevitably drive more traffic to websites or blogs.

Another asset for companies will be the gradual accumulation of valuable content that can be stored online. Providing informative content and a library of resources translates into an improved customer service and a better relationship with users.