Digital video is becoming a powerful tool for advertisers, with many marketers now believing that it is just as effective as TV advertising, according to new research from digital video firm BrightRoll.

The new UK Video Advertising Report monitored over 100 British advertising executives and their experience with, and plans for, digital video adoption. The report shows that this is a channel with great marketing potential, as 82% of Britons watch digital videos and almost two in three consumers are exposed to video ads every month.

Overall, the vast majority of respondents recognise digital video as a tool for boosting engagement. Some 87% of the panel say that the channel is either equal to, or more effective than, display ads and more than half state that it is as good as or surpasses TV.

Meanwhile, more than half of those interviewed believe that mobile will see the most significant increase in media budgets next year and a similar proportion find targeting to be the biggest advantage of video for customers, with demographic and behavioural targeting being the most popular among respondents. Some 44% plan to base their digital video spending on click per view metrics.

According to Daryl McNutt, senior vice president of marketing and research at BrightRoll, as the market is set to expand in the UK, marketers should start learning more about targeting and research so that they can capitalise on growing consumer demand.