Sharing links on Twitter impacts Google rankings, digital marketing agency Branded3 has found, after carrying out an analysis on the correlation between retweeted URLs and their Google positioning.

Results suggest that when a URL is tweeted 50 times, it gets a boost in Google rankings. There is no dramatic change until the URL is tweeted 500 times, at which point its position gets a boost again. However, the difference becomes most obvious when the number of tweets reaches at least 5,000 – when this happens the link is likely to appear at number five in the Google search result page. Branded3 claims that after 7,500 tweets, the URL can certainly be expected to end up on the first page.

The analysis is based on data collected from more than 8,500 samples from Branded3´s Twitter petition website, which were divided into groups depending on the number of tweets they received and then the average effect of the number of retweets on Google rankings was considered.

The potential impact of tweeted URLs should not be overlooked by brands. Branded3 suggests that if businesses encourage followers to retweet their URLs as part of their social marketing strategy, they will boost their Google rankings. Organising competitions of the type ´retweet to enter´ may prove a valuable SEO tool and businesses should bear in mind that improved rankings lead to increased revenues for brands, the agency points out.