Expect to see young teenagers on LinkedIn? Neither do I.

LinkedIn has the reputation of being the most serious, professional and business-orientated social network. As such, it felt it was right to put an age limit on its members. At present, only adults over the age of 18 can join. However, according to a story I was reading in the Telegraph, it has been under pressure from students and educational institutions and has had to open up to younger users.

As of 12 September this year, the social platform will be open for students aged 14 in the US and for 13-year-olds in other parts of the world, including the UK, LinkedIn revealed to the Telegraph.

The company said that 30 million of its 238 million users are students or recent graduates. But with the drop of the age limit, this figure is expected to soar. Pages of individual companies acting as employers are what bring most students to the platform. This could soon be extended to universities, as well.

LinkedIn´s Christina Allen explained on the company´s blog that students look for information on potential places to continue their education. Social networking could help them make informed choices and interact with universities.

A spokesperson for the social site emphasised that LinkedIn will remain a strictly professional network, but this change will help young people to think ahead in terms of careers and further education.

Whether this will bring significant changes to the way LinkedIn functions and to its user base remains to be seen, the Telegraph noted.

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