Video content marketing is the perfect way to reach users online. Why? Its effects are two-fold: it drives engagement, and helps businesses with search engine optimisation.

I was looking at figures from Business 2 Community that show just how much video helps SEO. While numbers don´t tell the whole story, they can certainly give brands valuable hints into where they should put their efforts.

One of the key facts about video is that, at present, around 62% of Google universal searches include video, with 80% of those coming from YouTube. This suggests that not only is Google placing high value on video results by ranking them near the top, but it is also a clear sign that businesses failing to provide video are likely to miss out on great opportunities.

Another clear sign of how much Google values video is the fact that it´s 50 times more likely to receive organic page ranks than text results, Forrester Research has found. In addition, video results have a 41% higher click-through-rate than plain text. As marketers are well aware, this also means more traffic to their websites and higher exposure.

Last but not least, figures show that users spend, on average, two minutes longer on a website if there is video content available. This is obviously good for keeping users interested but, just as importantly, Google values it for being relevant and engaging.

Content really is key when it comes to Google rankings. Video and images are obviously becoming increasingly important, but before brands put all their focus on visual content, they need to make sure their written online content is in place. Everyone knows that Google loves fresh, regularly-updated content, but generating this content can be a real headache for many businesses. M2 Bespoke are specialists at producing tailored, quality-written online content for a variety of sectors. Why not give us a call today and see how we can help?