By Ben Hollom

How are you using content to stand out from the crowd?

Brands these days are under serious pressure to be noticed, as competition online is tougher than ever before. Just having an online presence is not enough to capture users┬┤ attention anymore. According to Search Engine Journal, businesses that look beyond mainstream platforms can have an advantage over their rivals.

The website recommends engaging in video promotions, claiming they have a number of advantages over other marketing channels. On one hand, video marketing is still an untested territory for the majority of brands, meaning that competition is relatively low. On the other hand, the stark contrast of a video link against text links in search results makes users select videos far more frequently than regular links.

If you are already convinced that video promotion is worth the effort, here are a few more considerations to have in mind. The most important factor for the success of a video is its topic and content. These two can determine, to a large extent, whether the video would go viral or not. Examples of a suitable topic that would attract users include interviews with a celebrity, how-to videos, demonstration videos or product reviews.

The importance of the title of a video should not be overlooked, Search Engine Journal notes. A simple trick is to select two or three keywords that users are likely to type in when searching and then add “video” to them. Marketers can use Google Keyword Tool as a reference when identifying the keywords they need. When marketers select a title, it is a good idea to run a search to make sure their video title is unique. The best length is around 50 or 60 characters, so that the full title can be visible in search results, potentially boosting click-through-rates, the website concludes.

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