By Ben Hollom

How do you ensure your brand is a good publisher?

Huge global businesses may be leading the way in brandsĀ“ transition into publishers, but smaller companies, B2B companies, public sector organisations and non-profit organisations are also embracing content creation and social media.

The truth is that becoming a publisher is not a simple task, but there are tips that any brand can try in an attempt to improve their content marketing strategies. According to the eConsultancy blog, one of the very first things that brands should consider is how to improve their real-time response. These days, when an event takes place, it should be covered within minutes. Wasting hours writing a long story about an event would mean that the content has already been published elsewhere. If they want to have an impact, brands should react instantly.

Another very important factor relates to the variety of information presented. Text-based news is always a safe option, but they should not be the only source of information. Modern users are very visually-orientated, so images and videos, along with podcasts and infographs are more likely to keep users interested.

What many brands find a challenge is daring to experiment. Admittedly, stepping outside a comfort zone is hard. But if they manage to do that occasionally, the results can be surprising, eConsultancy says. Creativity leads to variety and this is always a winner on social media.

Last but not least, brands should keep a close eye on the development of various channels. If they know what channel is hot at the moment, they can publish their stories with a bigger effect than on Facebook or Twitter, where the competition is fierce and good stories sometimes get lost amongst the flood of information.

Having quality-written, relevant content is the first, and most important, aspect of content marketing. You can then decide how to channel it to your prospective customers and target audience. M2 Bespoke produce a variety of online content for all kinds of sectors. We work very closely with you to come up with the ideal content strategy for your business. Drop us a line today and see how we can help your brand grow.