Have you ever wondered if your website optimisation tactics are in line with what other webmasters are planning? Here´s your chance to find out, thanks to a new survey I discovered by marketing research company Ascend2. They polled 336 professionals on their priorities in terms of website optimisation this year. Apparently, the top two most important objectives are increasing the number of leads generated from the website and increasing traffic, the survey found.

Prioritising these objectives is common for the majority of those polled, but there are also other goals that many webmasters and marketers intend to pursue this year. Achieving greater visitor engagement is essential for 42% of respondents, while more sales transactions is priority for 35%. A further 32% will be aiming to increase brand awareness, Adobe´s CMO website reported.

When marketers were asked to evaluate their websites and the way they met those objectives, nearly three-quarters of them stated they were “somewhat successful” in meeting them. A mere 8% thought they were “very successful” with their current website.

But even though SEO requires constant work to ensure a website is in top-notch form, only 57% of marketers said they had optimised their homepage over the past 12 months and 44% optimised their product or solution pages. Just over a quarter tweaked their lead generation forms in the same period.

Meanwhile, 49% of marketers said their company or organisation outsourced its website optimisation program entirely or partially, whereas 47% said they tested potential changes on their website pages before rolling them out officially.

What are your top website objectives for the second half of 2014?