The launch of Google´s disavow tool in October was certainly amongst the key events in search marketing last year. In spite of that, there has hardly been any further information on the ways webmasters identify the links to be disavowed.

In an attempt to deal with the problem, many SEO professionals have tried to make up detailed inbound link lists by gathering data from various link indexes. Marketers have also been wondering if Google was actually using the disavow information to track websites that take part in link schemes.

Recently, some new information surfaced and its source was none other than Google search quality engineer Uli Lutz, who answered several questions on the website. Lutz commented that webmasters should focus on links that were reported in Google Webmaster Tools and advised SEO professionals to use the site-wide disavow functionality. In addition, he denied the fact that Google has any intention of using the data collected from the disavow tool to do any harm to websites´ search results rankings.

Lutz was very specific in his answers, so webmasters should be relieved to know that there is no need to make a comprehensive list of inbound links, because the data on Webmaster Tools will be sufficient, which will save both time and money.