For ordinary people, social media platforms are primarily a fun tool for communication and entertainment. Companies, on the other hand, are more interested in the promotional opportunities social media provides and most major brands can be found on every social network in existence. But when it comes to lead generation, no social platform can beat LinkedIn, whose conversion rate is 277% more effective when compared to that for Facebook and Twitter. In a piece published on, ReTargeter´s Ilana Bercovitz draws attention to three LinkedIn features which companies should use to make the most of the platform´s lead-generating potential.

For starters, Bercovitz advises business organisations to make sure that their company pages are filled out in full. A complete profile is a sort of extension to the corporate website and an opportunity to showcase products and services. It can be enhanced through video clips, peer recommendations and additional content. Visibility will increase even further if employees are provided with guidelines on how to describe the company and what keywords to include.

Another useful feature is LinkedIn Groups, which provides companies with a tool for accessing highly targeted communities. The thing to keep in mind is that this feature should be used very sparingly for self-promotion. Some activity of that kind is permissible but only after the company has established itself as a quality group member through contributing useful content and sharing relevant information.

Status Updates is another powerful feature and unlike LinkedIn Groups, there is no problem whatsoever with using Updates as a self-promotion tool. Through this feature, companies can attract more visitors and raise their brand profile.