Does anybody know the secret formula when it comes to developing the perfect social media post?

Although brands are often advised to create their own unique presence on social sites and to develop their social media strategy so that it fits their target audience, there are certain aspects to different social channels that must be observed.

If posting on Facebook, for instance, there are several things that will always work, at least according to a post I came across on Business 2 Community. Posts that are uplifting and positive, yet informative and interesting, tend to receive higher engagement rates and are more frequently shared. However, the highest engagement rates on Facebook take place when posts include images, especially ones that are vivid and artistic.

Things are quite different on Twitter, though. The key factor that plays a role here is the 140-character restriction, so brands should always bear this in mind. They need to post a clear call for action and they should make sure their spelling and grammar do not suffer because of the character limit. It is an excellent idea to post a short URL that leads users to a separate web page where they can find more information.

Another social site that has really taken off lately is Pinterest. Studies on engagement rates on the image-sharing network reveal that users like pictures that contain multiple, dominant colours, especially red, and no human faces. Pinterest users are very active in the evening, even up to midnight, and the vast majority of them are female. Presenting a product or a brand in a way that would please a female audience would be a good move.

As mentioned, a post containing a URL, directing users to your website, is a smart move. But what content will they find once they get there? Content must be engaging and relevant in order for them to share, visit your site again, or be interested in using your services. This is where M2 Bespoke can help. We can provide tailored content for your news feed or blog, which, in turn, will give you something to say on your social media channels. Why not call our friendly team today to find out more?

By Ben Hollom