The introduction of the new Hummingbird algorithm stirred the SEO marketing pot, causing debates over how it would affect searches and website ranking. According to a study I came across by Search Engine Land, the new Google algorithm is going to shake up the way B2B companies view SEO.

Traditionally, many B2B firms invested the bulk of their time and budgets into more conventional forms of marketing, sometimes overlooking search engine marketing. The B2B world, in their opinion, was not hugely competitive in an online atmosphere. However, according to the study, many will change their opinion once they realise what Hummingbird can do for them.

In short, Google´s Hummingbird is better at distinguishing intent behind the query, ranking sites based on the context in which a query is likely to appear in a conversation. This means that short-tail or long-tail keywords are expected to lose some of their prominence, reducing competition between sites for specific keywords. Instead, B2B companies will benefit from a more equitable search environment that could allow them to rank better than they used to.

Search Engine Land also points out that Hummingbird can be complemented perfectly by content marketing. Analysing the possible context in which people might be talking about a given industry-related topic might give B2B companies valuable hints as to what content they need to provide, ensuring it reflects the actual searches users would make.

Writing about sector-specific content on your news feed, blog, or social media can make a huge difference to SEO, even more so since the launch of Hummingbird. However, the truth remains: finding the time to produce this sort of quality, engaging content on a regular basis is easier said than done. That´s where M2 Bespoke can step in; we are content generation specialists and write a variety of content for different industries. Contact us today and see how we can take the stress away when it comes to producing online content.

By Ben Hollom