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Are you using Google+ as part of your social marketing mix?

In attempts to reach social media users, many brands focus their attention on Facebook and Twitter. But whether you like it or not, Google+ is gathering speed and is becoming a more prominent platform for users and publishers alike. Brands should waste no time and join the group of early adopters for a competitive advantage, Business 2 Community said in a post I was reading this morning.

Possibly the most convincing reason for using Google+ is the fact that Google keeps launching features that are integrated with its own social network. As a result, businesses using Google+ can gain more visibility if they share blog posts with fresh, unique content on a regular basis. Another thing brands could do to improve their search rankings through Google+ is to integrate keywords with specific sections in their Google+ page, such as the “About” and “Video” sections.

Visibility can be enhanced further if businesses take advantage of Google Authorship, which will display links to content in search results next to a profile picture. Various studies have suggested that users tend to click on results that contain an image and the name of the author. However, it takes more effort than this to get you one of these coveted search positions.

Producing frequent, quality content is a key prerequisite for ranking well, as is linking articles on Google +. Once these have been established for some time, a brand can request authorship status. This can be granted only if an e-mail address is linked to the domain where the content is posted. The results are worth the efforts and the benefits can be huge, Business 2 Community noted.

Here at M2 Bespoke, we understand the importance of well-written, regularly-updated content. We also understand how hard it can be for busy businesspeople to find the time to write engaging content themselves. Once we have supplied you with content, it´s yours to use as you wish; feel free to claim authorship and link to your social media. We know what a headache producing content can be, so let us take this stress away from you. Call us today to learn more about our content generation services.

By Ben Hollom