Do you have a Twitter account? And, far more importantly, do you tweet on a regular basis?

Twitter’s user base is undeniably growing. The social network itself announced in February that the total number of active monthly users stood at more than 241 million. Access from mobile devices has also risen significantly, with 184 million active mobile users, according to data I came across on Business 2 Community. But it appears that not all of these users are actually engaging with content posted on the platform.

According to a new study by Twitter account activity monitoring company Twopcharts, as many as 44% of Twitter users have never posted anything at all. The study doesn’t specify whether so-called “ghost accounts” were included in this number or these were genuine accounts with real people behind them, but it seems to confirm what many experts have been noticing about Twitter: the micro-blogging platform is increasingly viewed as a source to keep up-to-date with news and consume information, rather than as a channel for interaction only.

Previous studies have also pointed out that a significant number of accounts on Twitter were “ghost accounts,” set up for various reasons, including spam and ad clicking. One of these studies, released in November 2013, claimed that at least one in ten Twitter accounts were fake. The company itself had confirmed that millions of spam accounts were deleted in previous years. However, it declined to offer its view on the results from the research by Twopchart, stating that it did not comment on third-party data, Business 2 Community reported.

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