By Ben Hollom

Effective social marketing does not have to take you hours. When you are short of ideas, you can always resort to a quick-fix option that can still allow you to create interesting content. I came across six ideas, suggested by Business 2 Community, that help you make the most of your time on social media.

1. Day-In-The-Life Posts — Why not simply offer your followers a glimpse of what has been keeping you busy? Share an image or a short story from behind the scenes that you think users will like.

2. Poll — The Majority of users like sharing their opinion and giving feedback. Give them the chance to do so by asking them a thought-provoking question and organise a poll.

3. FAQs, Facts and Tips — Having a database of quick tips and FAQs can be very useful when you are pressed for time. Use some of these and shape them as short sharable posts that instantly catch the eye.

4. Meme Posts — Memes are a great fad and amongst the most shared content on social sites. Why not join the hype and create a witty meme that links to your business?

5. Shout-Outs — Most brands have fans or customers who are quite active on their page. Recognising their contribution and appreciating what they do for your business is a great way to show users you care.

6. National Day/Week/Month — Regardless of whether it is related to your business, you can still have some fun with your followers on social media. Check with Google what interesting titbits you can find about a certain day and start an interesting conversation.

Keeping active on social media is, as we all know, very important for both brand awareness and boosting SEO. You may have time to write the odd post (as mentioned above), but finding time in your busy schedule to provide engaging, interesting and regular content can prove a challenge. Let M2Bespoke help take the pressure off by providing you with this sort of online content; give one of our friendly team a call today and see how we can help!