By Ben Hollom

It is not unusual for brands to say they want to “do social media”, but sometimes they have no idea what this actually means. Signing up to social media is the easy part; what really matters is what they do after that.

The key to successful social media is content marketing, which requires some effort but guarantees results, if done properly.

According to a post I was reading on Business 2 Community, one of the most important things for brands to understand about content marketing is that it should not be focused on their company or their mission statement, but instead on giving users material they want to read and share. Once businesses realise that the purpose of being on social media is not to directly sell products, then they can start reaping the benefits.

Another thing that businesses need to consider is what type of content they should share. The best advice they can get is to try to include as many different types as possible – images, videos, infographics, articles, blog posts, how-to-guides, surveys, webinars, etc.

By combining the use of social media with content marketing, brands can boost SEO ranking and take advantage of the word-of-mouth buzz. They will also gradually become regarded as an industry leader with great insight into their sector, Business 2 Community concluded.

However, all this boils down to the problem that keeps cropping up for businesses: who is going to provide this relevant, engaging and unique content?

That´s where M2 Bespoke come in. We are leading experts in our field, and generate content for a wide variety of businesses and sectors. Everyone knows the importance of content and social media, but keeping on top of this on a daily basis can be a real headache. Let us take the stress away; why not give us a call today and see how we can help?