By Ben Hollom

If you have noticed brands putting more effort into their corporate blogs lately, you are not the only one.

According to new research I was reading from the Charlton College of Business Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts, Fortune 500 companies have increased their usage of blogging as a marketing channel, with a 50% rise in adoption over the past two years.

While Fortune 500 have been traditionally known as slow to adopt social media, results from the latest study prove that this is starting to shift. At present, just over one in three Fortune 500 companies use blog posts to interact with consumers, compared to 28% last year and 23% in 2011. Overall, 171 companies on the list have corporate blogs.

Blogging is not the only social media activity that enjoys a surge among Fortune 500 companies, the research has shown. The use of Facebook and Twitter has also moved slightly upwards, with a 4% rise for each platform. The latest data reveals that 386 of Fortune 500 businesses now have a Twitter account.

A more prominent adoption push from brands has been noticed in YouTube, where usage rates increased dramatically. Nearly seven in ten companies have their own YouTube channel at present, compared to just 7% last year, the study found.

However, more niche social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare are used by a mere 40 companies of the Fortune 500, the research concluded.

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