It’s fair to say, the charity sector is not known as a frontrunner in digital marketing. The path to digital transformation has been slow, but then Covid-19 came along and, for many, years of change were crammed into a matter of months.

There’s nothing like a pandemic to make a sector instantly more digitally savvy…

Clearly, charities were facing challenges before the pandemic. Lack of funding, growing demand, and a shortage of digital skills are not new problems. But now, they’ve become more acute: critical underfunding, overwhelming demand and a desperate need to prioritise digital.

In our online event, Digital marketing for charities – meeting the challenge of Covid-19, Zoe Amar shared tips on where charities should be focusing their digital marketing efforts.

This ebook digs a little deeper, focusing on how video marketing in particular can help the charity sector move towards a more fruitful future.

Video marketing for Charities