SEO is hardly ever a static field. It keeps evolving, changing and adapting. Keeping track of all these changes is not easy. While trying to optimise their websites, marketers often make mistakes, some of which are rather common. I read an interesting post by Business 2 Community yesterday about the most frequent SEO errors and how to avoid them.

One of the most common mistakes is the presence of duplicate content: the same content that appears in more than one URL. Search engines find it hard to decide which content to index and, as a result, pages often do not show in search results. Providing unique content is the best, and only, way to avoid this problem.

Focusing on onsite optimisation and link building is another mistake that SEO marketers make. These days, having a content strategy in place is a must; expecting traffic to a website without a content plan is unrealistic, at best. Ensuring good search engine ranking is a continuous effort in content production, link building and social seeding.

One thing that SEO marketers tend to overlook is site structure. For best results, website architecture should be integrated with the best SEO practices. Since the home page usually receives the most traffic and the highest quality of inbound links, every click away from the home page leads to a drop in authority; sometimes quality web pages do not rank well just because they are so far away from the home page. SEO experts recommend a flat website structure where every page is no more than three clicks away from the home page.

The first mistake on this list, and featuring top on so many other blogs I have read, is duplicate content. Copying and pasting simply won´t do these days, and search engines will penalise you if you do. Search engines love quality content that is frequently updated and well-written – something that anyone with a slight knowledge of SEO now knows. However, the problem remains: producing this well-written content on a regular basis. That´s where we can help. M2 Bespoke are content generation specialists. We get to know your business and then write frequently-updated, engaging content for your website or social media channels. If you want to have the stress of writing content lifted from your shoulders, call us today to find out how we can help.

By Ben Hollom