What influences your decision when searching for a restaurant?

Few industries are more dependent on local marketing than the restaurant industry. Statistics reveal that the vast majority of a restaurant´s customers live within a five-mile radius. This means that marketing efforts should be designed and implemented in such a way that the local community can be reached both online and offline, Business 2 Community website states.

While most restaurants are already taking advantage of the digital channels available, here are a few ideas they could use in 2014:

First of all, restaurants should get listed on local directories, as this could boost their local search performance as well as their Google rankings, the website advises.

Next, they should take to social media if they still have not done so. Whatever the social platform they choose, the goal is to provide users with compelling content that engages them. Marketing experts recommend that this should be done by contests, polls or events. It´s important that the images used are not stock images but ones showing the restaurant´s own dishes, customers and interior.

A crucial element of a restaurant´s marketing efforts should be the use of review sites. With their smartphones constantly connected, many consumers look for information at review sites before selecting a place to go. Restaurant owners should read reviews and thank consumers for their time, while taking measures to improve consumer experience where necessary, Business 2 Community recommends.