By Ben Hollom

We all know how important it is to be at the top of search engine results, but recent research from online ad network Chitika reveals just how much this matters to businesses.

According to the study I read, the top results obtain 33% of traffic in ´organic´ Google searches. Traffic to the second-best ranking website is slashed to 18% and to 11% for the third position, rapidly falling further down the list. For the study, Chitika looked at “tens of millions” of online ad impressions, where users were directed via a search on Google.

The difference between traffic to results on page one and page two on Google is even more dramatic, the research showed. Results on the first page receive 92% of all traffic, with figures dropping dramatically on the next page, to less than 5%.

Chitika carried out a similar study in 2010 and results were comparable then, suggesting that the impact of search engine rankings is fairly stable. Businesses should keep this in mind when planning their SEO strategies, as better ranking can give them huge advantage over their competitors, Chitika said.

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Image – Anette Shaff/Shutterstock