By Ben Hollom

Just when you think Facebook couldn´t get any bigger, it announces that one million advertisers are now using their social networking site as a marketing platform.

The transition from a small community of university students to, arguably, the world´s most populated website has taken just about a decade. Yet it has become crystal clear that Facebook is no longer used just for friends and family to stay in touch; it is now a pivotal part of any marketing strategy.

Tapping into advertising has only taken place in recent years, and housing the commercial messages of a million businesses and entrepreneurs is a massive achievement.

Whilst it is no secret that Facebook has turned into a huge business machine, it is an undeniable truth that its influence is ever-growing. What the platform provides advertisers with is a cost-effective and straight-forward way to connect and engage with target audiences. New and more advanced tools are being developed to facilitate and enhance this connection, Facebook said.

Every week, 645 million people view business pages and 13 million users comment on content posted by brands. Each of these million marketers have a story to tell, said Dan Levy, Facebook´s director of global marketing solutions. In a bid to help more businesses with their marketing strategies and to share creative ideas, Facebook is encouraging advertisers to go to, tell their stories and inspire others.

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