By Ben Hollom

Wouldn´t it be useful to view specific statistics about your impact on Twitter? I came across an article announcing that Twitter is improving user experience by launching a free analytics tool that will be accessible to anyone using their platform. The tool will allow users to see how many times a tweet has been favourited or retweeted and how many replies it has received.

Whilst the pure numbers are readily visible on your Twitter account page, the analytics tool can reveal trends that you would otherwise miss. For example, you can see what type of content is most popular amongst followers or what causes other users to reply most often.

Access to the tool is granted through; log in with your Twitter account details and just click the Analytics link. The data featured there can also be downloaded as a CSV file, Twitter explained. Although the information provided at this stage is quite basic, it could still provide a valuable insight – especially for small businesses and marketers who may not wish to rely on third-party tools.

It is likely that at some point in the future the social networking site will expand its analytics tool to provide even more information. This way small businesses and marketers will be stimulated to invest more time and efforts in their marketing, Search Engine watch commented. More advanced analytics are always going to be good for Twitter, as it makes the platform even more appealing to advertisers.

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