Does your content repel or compel?

When we talk about content marketing, we often mention the word “compelling” as a key feature. But what do we mean by compelling? In a nutshell, it´s content that makes consumers take action – whether it´s by sharing the content, sending an e-mail, or buying a product.

Next question: how do you make your content compelling? First of all, you need to know who you are talking to. Different users are likely to find different types of content appealing, both in terms of subject matter and the form it takes. So you´ll need to create a client profile and structure your content in a way that is going to meet their needs.

Another crucial thing to remember is that content marketing is not a pitch about your products. Consumers are mostly interested in what you can do for them and not who you are or what you do. Be useful, be fun, be valuable – that´s all you need to do.

Now on to the content itself. Make sure it is structured in a way that makes it easy to read, and skimmable. Internet users often have very short attention spans, so you have to make sure your message is clearly and instantly delivered. Use images and a grabbing headline to encourage users to read on. Your content should also be well-written, as bad spelling and grammar can result in a negative image of your business.

Remember what you want consumers to do in the first place and include a call to action in your content. It can simply be a call for them to share their own experience or you could invite them to like or share your post.

We all know the importance of good-quality, frequently-updated content. Ultimately, however, many businesses struggle to find the time or resources to produce this sort of content themselves. That´s where we come in. M2 Bespoke have helped hundreds of businesses with their content marketing; we produce engaging, relevant and tailored content to a variety of sectors, ensuring it is always written with your target audience in mind. Sound appealing? Give one of our friendly team a call today and see how we can help.

By Ben Hollom