Retaining interest on social mediaEvery once in a while, your average social media user will carry out a cull of the people or brands they have grown tired of. If you´ve failed to strike a chord with someone, social media is such that they will simply remove you from their online sphere. As such, it´s essential you show them the value you add to their online experience – otherwise you can simply wave them goodbye.

An article on business and technology website Business Insider says the key to keeping them around lies in diverting from the overtly business talk. Author of the piece, Josh Haynam, analysed and tested over 1,500 quizzes on social media. Here´s what he found worked best:

1. Get personal. Haynam found that the more he used personal pronouns – you, I, she/he etc. – the more views the quiz received. Speaking directly to the reader can have the same effect as shouting a person´s name through a crowd.

2. Don´t use an alienating vocabulary. Don´t force people to have to consult a dictionary to find out what the post is all about.

3. Let your guard down. Being candid and conversational will allow your audience to warm to you. Formality can come across as scripted.

4. Follow the pub rule. Haynam cites an editor who says he won´t post anything unless it sounds like conversation fit for the pub. Create content your reader will want to relay down the pub.

5. Indulge yourself. Don´t do away with all the things that make you unique. Try to become a familiar voice for your readers, with signifiers to announce your arrival.

6. Tell a story. Unless you´ve been completely bored to tears, who doesn´t want to see how a story ends once you´ve started reading?

7. Reference pop culture. Even if it does prove to be a little tenuous, try and tie in today´s news with your content. Social media is all about the “now”.

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