Social media urges

Did you know that the majority of people find social media harder to resist than smoking or drinking? Well it seems that´s the case, according to findings from international telecoms provider TollFreeForwarding.

To test the statement, try avoiding social media for a week – a day even. The phrase “twiddling your thumbs” has a somewhat different meaning these days, with people unable to resist logging on to see what is going on in the online world. TollFreeForwarding suggest we´re powerless to our social media urges, however, as it´s a result of how we´re hardwired.

Their figures show that tweeting for just ten minutes can see your oxytocin levels in the blood increase as much as 13%. Oxytocin is, after all, a hormone that is involved in social recognition and bonding – it creates feelings of trust and security, while reducing anxiety levels.

We are trained to expect information – receiving that information triggers a region of the brain called nucleus accumbens. This is the same area that is activated when the brain processes feelings about food and money, no less. Combine that with the adrenaline our bodies receive from checking social media, and you have quite the cocktail.

Some claim that the flipside of this, however, is that our attention span is dwindling as a result of heavy internet browsing. TollFreeForwarding point to evidence suggesting our concentration levels have dropped by four seconds to a meagre eight seconds in the last decade. It´s worth noting that the average attention span of a goldfish is nine seconds.

As such, it´s more important now than ever that your brand´s content is as eye-catching as it can be. With people consuming so much online media, you have be smart to keep your head above water. If you need a helping hand with your content, both in terms of creation and strategy, give us a call. We are a team of content generation specialists and would love to help.