Assessing your digital campaign

It can be somewhat endearing to see people living behind the times; clearly sceptical of change and what it could mean for them. Brands are not afforded the same sentiment, however. With buyer sophistication increasing daily, people are becoming more and more expectant that brands are the forerunners of their field.

A company´s digital marketing campaign acts as one of the limbs carrying out the legwork for your product and services. On my social media feed, many people felt an article on the Clickz website acts as a good template for a digital marketing assessment:

1. Market penetration. Can you picture the people most likely to purchase your products? Generate data to analyse how many of your customers actually meet your perceived perception. This will also allow you to calculate your market capture and penetration.

2. Quality content. Do consumers think you´re talking directly to them? Blanket communication is unlikely to have the desired effect. It won´t take too many irrelevant posts before some sections of your target audience stop reading altogether.

3. Audience engagement. How well are your lines of communication performing? If you don´t know this, you won´t know which routes have fallen into disrepair.

4. Exploiting technology. Are you reaching out with both hands? A blend of creative thinkers will ensure your digital arm is as strong as it can be. Take time to evaluate your current use of your digital platform, as well as your skill levels in each of these areas.

5. Mobile friendly. How does your website appear on a mobile device? If it´s not easily navigable, a reader will be out of there.

6. Social Media. What is your social presence? The social media platform empowers buyers to see a “real” response to your services. Ensure you are doing all you can to encourage your customers to share their experience of your business.

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