Content tips fort consistent engagement

Content marketing has the potential to boost your search engine rankings, improve your visibility and reinforce your brand, while giving your product or services a platform to shine. As such, it can prove to be a cost-effective way to getting your business´s name in lights. Like anything, however, you´ve got to know what you´re doing to build sustainability – ensuring those lights don´t mysteriously blow out as quickly as they illuminated.

I came across a helpful article on the Huffington Post website, which outlines how content variation can be the key to a successful strategy. It lists eight different types of content you´ll need to include to keep your audience engaged:

1. Opinion pieces. Opinions are one of the things that make us who we are. Even if people disagree with what you´re saying, they´re going to want to tell you why they think you´re wrong. Not such a bad thing when engagement is the name of the game.

2. Accomplishments and directives. Through blog posts and press releases, this will allow people interested in your business to feel up to date with your progress.

3. Instructions and guides. We live in a world where step-by-step guides are expected for everything we attempt to do. Adding videos and pictures will see people thanking you that bit louder.

4. Statistics and trends. Figures presented in infographics and graphs are more easily digestible.

5. Product spotlights. Give your new products some page space. That´s what is really making your business money after all.

6. Business interviews. Show off the characters you have sitting in your business.

7. Advice column. Collate frequently asked questions from your customers, which will save time on individual queries.

8. Questions and answers. A Q&A piece is enticing for the eye, as well as being great for optimising your website for long-tail keywords in the form as questions.

If you need a helping hand with your content, both in terms of creation and strategy, give us a call. We are a team of content generation specialists and would love to help.