Effective content strategy

Mistakes are always going to be made – it´s what helps us grow. That said, there´s not much value in making ones which are so easily avoidable. There are a number of different facets to online marketing, which means it´s easy to come a cropper of poor content strategy or lack of social media engagement, for example. I came across an article on the Business2Community website, which points out five ways new ventures into online marketing often go awry:

1. A lack of content. Blogging not only provides a profile for your visitors to engage with, it is another indexed page which will show up in search results. For every new piece of content that is generated on your website, it tells search engines your website is alive and kicking.

2. Fruitless email lists. Identify the recipients who are not merely moving your message into trash. Use data to target the readers, who regularly click on the links embedded within your email messages.

3. Skimming useful data. One obvious advantage of the digital channel is that you can directly measure how well your output is being received. This allows you to maintain the routes into your website which are experiencing the greatest amount of traffic.

4. Processes which are set in stone. Making changes does not constitute failure. The world of online marketing moves at such a rapid pace, you need to be prepared to optimise your campaign so you are not left behind.

5. Expecting immediate results. As impactful as social media, for instance, can be, those campaigns which are sustainable usually take a bit of time. Building solid foundations will see more concrete results.

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