Social media marketing tips

Social media can be the most amazing promotional tool for your business or brand. Be too promotional, however, and your audience could just ignore your message. Social media gives you an unmatched opportunity to connect with buyers. But often that means you really have to connect with them in order to be heard. I came across this useful article on Mashable, which gives tips on how to take the hand of your readers:

1. Variety is the spice of life. Don´t simply spew out text. It´s important to take a minute to be informative, but don´t make this at the expense of visual content.

2. Be a good listener. Engagement with customers can see them become invested in your story – to which your product is the exciting twist. Start producing content that´ll make them read on.

3. Don´t get caught up in the speed of it all. All businesses dream of getting their brand trending – just make sure it´s for the right reasons. Choose wisely the headlines you piggyback on.

4. Tailor your approach. There are a number of different formats for a reason. Some channels align themselves better with your objectives than others. Blanket coverage may leave your message in the dark.

5. Don´t bury your head in the sand. Take ownership of customers´ complaints and look at ways you can put it right. Make their day and have them shouting for the right reasons.

6. Inject some personality into your posts. Show your audience that it´s not a computer that´s doing the talking.

7. Constant improvement. Use analytic software to see how you´re doing. Likes and retweets don´t tell the whole story. How many people are turning those likes into visits, for example?

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