Viral content campaignsThe sheer speed in which some viral campaigns accelerate can make it difficult for marketers to know how to react. Those that are late to the party will only make audiences´ eyes roll. With people of the belief that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the biggest online charity campaign of all time, if you’ve not got involved yet, you’ve probably missed a trick. With the campaign reaching its saturation point, social media users are beginning to see their timelines return to normality.

Amidst all the entertaining videos, I came across a helpful article on The Guardian website, where they’ve gathered advice from some marketing, social media and PR pros to ensure you don’t miss out next time:

1. Embrace the absurd and amusing. Attracting your target audience is serious business. Viral campaigns – whilst often having an important core message – often rely on being a little silly. Social media is made to indulge such characteristics, so make the most of the format and its users.

2. Don’t forget the real reason in the name of fun. As amazingly successful as the ice bucket challenge has been, how many people can tell you what ALS stands for or what it means for sufferers? Educating people puts it all into context and gives integrity.

3. Let’s see it. It´s often not enough for people to just take your word for it these days – they want to see evidence with their own eyes. Videos can drive people to your website, so find creative and engaging ways to communicate to your target audience.

4. Encourage participation. Make your campaign accessible by keeping barriers to entry low. Most people will only go to so much effort to engage with a campaign. The lower the commitment, the faster you’ll see your content flow.

5. What’s your company charity? Put good causes at the core of your marketing mix. Don’t make charitable donations a one-off, as it won´t wash with your consumers.

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