Writing principles for engaging content

Unfortunately, making what your business is all about sound interesting can be easier said than done. For some businesses that won´t matter too much. If you want your audience to hang about on your page, however, you better make sure your content is both unique and interesting. I´ve come across an article on the Business2community website which says you should look back to some age-old writing principles for inspiration:

Hook them in

A hook is all about the bang at the start of a piece of writing. If you haven´t got the reader´s attention from the off, it´s unlikely you´re ever going to. It can be about anything as long as it causes furrowed brows and ears to prick. You want readers to lose their sense of peripheral vision as they hone in on your content. That could be because you´ve shocked the reader into listening, or you´ve opened with a question they want to see answered, for example. Making the reader chuckle under their breath – intentionally, of course – never goes far wrong either.

Leave them hanging

Whilst perhaps being called a ´page-turner´ might not be appropriate, you get the gist. The hanger gets people excited as to what´s going to come next. If you´re running a series of articles, keep something in your back pocket for next time. Just be careful that what you´re teasing your audience with doesn´t frustrate the heck out of them. Ending with a question – to which you will answer next time – will hopefully see readers coming back next time to see if they were right. We all like to be right once in a while, don´t we?

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