Social media engagement

Taking time to listen and engage with people face-to-face rarely goes unappreciated. The world of social media is much the same, although there is no doubt that it´s much easier to go unnoticed. However, with most users looking to social media for interaction and debate, it can pay to be the ear they are looking for. On one of my social media feeds, I came across an article from the Entrepreneur website which acted as a good topic for some lively discussion. It outlines five ways to get your audience interested:

1. Make the first move. Take a proper look at what your audience is posting about and get involved in the discussion. Building a personality into your brand will enable you to offer something to the conversation that is genuine. This will also allow you to get a feel for who your audience is, in terms of both their personality and opinions.

2. Retweet away. If you come across something good, take credence from it. Your readers will appreciate it if you provide them with something that piques their interests or makes them laugh. They´ll associate you with reminding them of why they´re on social media in the first place.

3. Pick favourites. The favourite button can act as an unassuming hello to initiate contact. Chances are, if you bookmark somebody´s tweet, they´re going to want to see who you are. Who knows where it´ll lead.

4. Initiate chats. Organise a chat on something that will get your audience´s antennae twitching. The best topics are those that focus on the audience, rather than direct sales. Readers won´t be attracted to a chat, which is so obviously going to benefit you and you solely.

5. Go offline. No, not entirely – transfer your contacts to an offline means of communication and cultivate your relationships. Making a connection tangible can lead to some very real returns.

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