By Ben Hollom

Facebook seems to be constantly evolving, in a bid to make its platform even more user-friendly and accessible. I read announcements this week that the new Facebook Graph Search has finally reached the UK, after being live across the Atlantic for more than six months. The feature allows users to search for specific data about their friends, such as pictures they have been tagged in or places they have visited in the past.

The functionality was in beta testing for several months but is being rolled out to British users, who will start seeing an announcement for the Facebook Graph Search appear on their news feed. Users will be encouraged to update their privacy settings to make sure they have control over parts of their profile that are visible to others in the Graph Search. Without editing their privacy settings, users may see everything they have ever posted on the social platform appear in friends´ searches, including bands they have liked, restaurants they have visited and their relationship status. In fact, even hidden pictures may appear in somebody´s search, Trusted Reviews website noted.

However, Facebook Graph Search is intended to work with data solely from the social networking site and has never aimed to be a replacement for Google or any other search engine, Facebook´s CEO Mark Zuckerberg insists. While web search tries to deliver relevant links that may have answers to an open-ended query, Graph Search is trying to give a precise answer to a specific query, he stated.

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