Do you have a small website that isn´t ranking as well as it should?

According to a report I was reading last night by Search Engine Watch, Google has called out to all small websites that are not performing well in search rankings, asking them to contact Google and possibly have the situation checked up by Google´s webspam team.

Owners of small websites can submit their site through a Google Docs form, explaining briefly why they think their website should be performing better in search than its higher-ranking competitors, Google´s Matt Cutts explained.

However, he pointed out that, at this stage, Google was only gathering feedback and website owners should not be expecting a change in their search ranking just yet.

Cutts said that Google was interested in hearing about a wide range of examples of small but quality sites, so that engineers could “assess the scope of things” and collect data from a bigger circle of website owners. He added that there was a tech lead on Google´s webspam team who wanted to explore the issue with small sites´ rankings but needed more data in order to do so.

According to Search Engine Watch, Cutts is looking into some of the submissions himself. So far, Google has received only a few hundred submissions; fewer than the webspam team had expected. The results might be worth the efforts, though, so owners of small websites should take the time to fill out the form, Search Engine Watch advised.

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By Ben Hollom