Brands have long tried to discover what kind of social media posts work best for consumer engagement. Some of the tactics that businesses use to drive click-through-rates (CTR) include posting images, offers and questions, among others.

ShopIgniter conducted a study into just this, and its results made an interesting read over breakfast this morning. The social media marketing specialists looked into more than 2,000 organic and paid posts on Facebook and compared the average CTR generated by various types of updates. The results revealed that posts containing images scored the highest CTR in organic and the most engagement in paid posts, outperforming those containing offers and questions. However, among the different types of paid posts, the highest CTR were recorded for posts in the form of questions. They were also most likely to become viral if they were sponsored, ShopIgniter noted.

When it comes to engagement, photos resulted in an average score of 5.8%, which was more than one percentage point higher than the second most engaging update type – the offer. At the other end of the scale, when it came to posts that generated the most negative engagement, such as reporting for spam or when users opt to hide a post, the highest scores were registered for the notes feature on organic and for links on paid posts, Search Engine Watch reported.

Based on its findings, ShopIgniter recommends that brands should post images with their updates to make sure they take advantage of users´ tendency for clicking on pictures. While running social rich media, businesses should always include a call to action to ensure better CTR.

Another factor that is crucial in generating higher CTR? Quality content. If potential customers see a post, news feed or link that grabs their attention, they are much more likely to click and read on. An interesting post with an image next to it? Even better. It is also likely that they will share the link and return to your site or social media page again and again. It´s therefore extremely important to generate interesting, relevant material on a regular basis. However, producing this sort of quality-written, share-worthy content can be very time-consuming, especially when you are trying to crack on with the day-to-day running of a business. That´s where we can help. M2 Bespoke are content generation specialists and are able to help with all your online content needs. Please call us today to learn more about our services.

By Ben Hollom